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Long tong traditional divot tools can cause significant damage to the greens as they damage the grass roots causing the grass to die and leave ugly brown spots behind. While traditional divot tools use a jab and lift/twist motion, GF series divot tools have shorter tongs and use a simple push method at the surface of the grass which minimizes root damage. The shorter tongs act as a "stopper" preventing players from getting into the grass roots - less damage, faster healing time, better looking greens. 


Holds a standard 1" round ball marker (not included), custom ball marker can be added. Ask rep for details. 


Minimum order is 25 units (blank) or 50 units (with ball marker add on). 



Antique Brass 913 units

Antique Nickel 78 units 



Greenfix 3

$9.14 Regular Price
$4.57Sale Price
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